control de habitaciones ara hotelesLocated in Muriedas, Cantabria, Albus San Luis Boutique hotel, you have entrusted the installation of the access to the rooms in our new proximity Mifare system for its quiet and reliable system for opening the doors.

Design Hotel, with details that get to feel almost at home, has sought a system that has a high level of safety and durability guarantee. Access and electronic handcuffs IQMultiprox, to be equipped with the safety system MIFARE cards can prevent deconfigured to join them with mobile or tablets as with magnetic stripe.

Besides they not spoil by scratching or wet them. They are equipped with an internal chip that carries configuration access permissions for each user.
Thanks to this system, the handles are absolutely watertight, which provides protection of electronic elements, since the opening is made only to the card close to the handle, so carry no slot or space for the introduction card. For this reason they are ideal for installation in harsh, outdoor environments and beach areas.

In addition they operate on standard batteries with an estimated population of between 12 and 18 months duration.

The software is absolutely intuitive. It allows you to configure each card with special permits, like stepping overcoming privacy (when it is locked from the inside locked), limit the number of openings, and other functions that have been implemented ATC according to the requests and needs of our customers.

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