control de accesos por proximidad mifare

Osabarena Hotel in Orozko(Bizkaia, Spain), was installed for the rooms IQ ATC system for access to the rooms and other facilities of the hotel.

This system is equipped with an RF transmitter MiFare technology owned by Philips with high security, impossible to copy and misconfigured whose cards thru phones or other magnetic sources.

The possibilities for access control through these electronic handles are multiple, not only the possibilitie of configuring different access systems, but also the use of the card for other purposes such as payment in tpv Hotel, both in prepaid mode as postpaid, but also for the use of recreational or with the same card vending machines.

ATC develops applications according to the needs of each client and can customize this way, not only control of full access to the hotel, but also other services that varies by hotel.